A Beginner’s Guide to Avoid Plagiarism

There are many ways to avoid plagiarism even if you wish to include others’ works because giving the proper credit and using it well does not count as duplication. If you are not doing that, there may be issues though. Here we present some tips to write better without copying.

Use Direct Quotations

Most of the times when we want to include some lines or works of others; we can do so by using direct quotations because this gives them the credit, and makes our life easier. Find the idea you like, and then put them in direct quotes. Many do this and it is standard practice. But, you also should not overdo this because your original content is a must in any article. Writing this will improve the chances all the time.

Paraphrase to the Top

When you are writing a good article and want to include others’ content, try to paraphrase right from the beginning because this gives the best essence of the matter. You can see samples of how to do it best in TopEssayWriting and use it in your work. It helps to avoid any plagiarism if you are paraphrasing. But, again do not overdo it because originality matters always, and is a preference.

Add Your Own Examples

Most of the time we try to pick the best examples and stories that people present in their writing because it feels very promising. But, if we try hard, we can also find our own examples and present the facts in a relatable way. Because of this, read and find more content before writing it. A fast way to add other examples often leads to plagiarism, so avoid that as much as possible and you should be fine.

Use Online Tools and Resources

The best way to check your work against the online World Wide Web is to use tools. These can help you find content that is just like yours or copies and avoid you from getting into trouble. If your content is plagiarism-free, it is best because it is original and also usable anywhere you want. So, make use of tools like websites and duplicate content checkers.

Add Your Own Comments

Many articles need comments to improve their readability and engagement with the audience. When writing, beginners can even copy the comments that other writers make. This is a bad idea so avoid it. Try reading and making your own comments, and you will be good.




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Top Essay Writing

We offer fully degreed and qualified writers, custom, original writing products

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